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A nuclear fusion reactor has been successfully tested in the UK.

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Shane Lewthwaite Sounds promising, but as with most beneficial innovations, a lot of people would love for this technology to never see the light of day...Çevirisine Bak
Hashem Al-Ghaili That's what they said about cell phones 44 years ago. Against all the odds, everyone is going to benefit from this technology as long as they can afford it.Çevirisine Bak
Dani Thomas I see one of two things happening. Either it's going to become unstable or a villain is going to try and steal it. Either way, it's going to get ugly. I've seen the moviesÇevirisine Bak
Joel Ramos if the sun melts everything on contact as science says so...how can the metal containing the the heated atoms at 100m centigrade ,wont meltÇevirisine Bak
Mike Liu M̶a̶g̶n̶e̶t̶i̶c̶ ̶f̶i̶e̶l̶d̶s̶ ̶k̶e̶e̶p̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶s̶m̶a̶ ̶s̶u̶s̶p̶e̶n̶d̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶w̶a̶y̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶m̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶w̶a̶l̶l̶s̶.̶

Literally magic.
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Derek Garza It'll never see the light of day. Brings to mind, Nikolas Tesla wireless transmission of electrical energy. Innovations such as this, are bad for business.Çevirisine Bak
Lisa Schnettler But, hey, here in the US, we'll have coal. Our Motto clearly is " It was good enough for my great grandfather, it will be good enough for my great grandchild." We don't need no stinkin' progress.Çevirisine Bak
Jim Dollemont What happens when this thing blows up ? More nuclear fallout like Japans disaster killing our oceans which they can't stop ! I think they should find a way to fix that problem firstÇevirisine Bak
Iñigo Pipobin Perez This is fusion, not fision. Nothing radioactive here, so no nuclear fallout.Çevirisine Bak
Bettina Matthias Müller A bit misleading ::
in the original artikel further down the state:
"we're still a long way off being able to put all those pieces together - finding an affordable way to generate plasma at the temperatures required for fusion to occur, and then being able to harness it for long enough to generate energy.
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Lars Johansson Not exactly news, the tokamak...invented by a Russian Nobel Prize laureate many years ago. I've seen the one in Japan, France has one, I think. Next celebration will be when they get more energy coming out of it than they put in to start the reaction. Not easy.Çevirisine Bak
Barry Harp That is too cool. A lot of super smart people out there in regards to this stuff. I should've studied more. Haha. Thanks for all the polite facts and knowledge from many posts on here!Çevirisine Bak
Haug Daniel The heat and pressure actually allow for both tritium and deuterium to be in close enough proximity for nuclear forces to bind them both together. I think cold fusion could work too, but the nuclear forces are too powerful to allow that to happen.Çevirisine Bak
John Boydston This is miss leading. Yes it has been turned on, but NO it doesn't achieve thermal break even fusion. Either the author doesn't understand what is happening here or he is trolling for hits.Çevirisine Bak
Jay Banks Yup. Nuclear fusion has been "just 20 years away" for at least 60 years now. (And most of the efforts to achieve controlled fusion for long enough to be useful have involved exactly the same technology as this.) It's truly "the energy source of the future" ... and probably always will be!Çevirisine Bak
Alyn Penners Curious as to how we get electricity from this process. And what are the potential gamma radiation levels that this process creates? I'm all for clean energy, but 10million degrees Celcius is difficult to deal with. I mean, you use superconducting magn...Daha Fazlasını GörÇevirisine Bak
Riad Khan I hope I live to see these machines powering our civilization/s maybe one in each home, car of the time and the spaceships of the future!! We are living in the most technological times and people don't value this we have so much resources available. If...Daha Fazlasını GörÇevirisine Bak
Gary Edwards So is it still a giant water heater or have we found a better way of producing electricity? Running steam through a turbine doesn't seem that efficient to me but hey what do i know.Çevirisine Bak
Anders Ledell Yeah, but this article didn't go into how they haven't netted any energy yet. Right now, it is just an expensive light show. But hey, we will see how it goes! Fusion is the power of the future. I am holding out for ITER.Çevirisine Bak
Mohammad Bin Faruk Al-Qurashi It's clean but on the other you have yo handle humungous amounts of radio-active isotopes and their derivatives as a waste! Hence, Renewable energy is the best option until we evolve into 2nd degree civilization!Çevirisine Bak
Ou Ye According to the plan, still decades away from economical industrial level for domestic use, but a big step towards it, at least the theory worksÇevirisine Bak
Renato Perillo That is an experimental fusion reactor. No energy is supposed to be gained from st-40. The short movie is misleading, and if you want to highlight the research on nuclear fusion, ITER project should be mentioned instead. It will be purely experimental as well, by the way...Çevirisine Bak
Dan Stocks researchers were trying to power the world by fusion by the turn of the century, or earlier. Tokamaks are nothing new. good luck though. If you repeat the same experiment enough times you might get a different result.
Funny thing that almost no one tr
...Daha Fazlasını Gör
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Danny Christopher Or we could just build geothermal powerplants and power the world for free, forever. But then that wouldn't fit the capitalists profit model, would it?

The special interests who own most of the world's uranium mines will be very happy though. Lol.
...Daha Fazlasını Gör
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Chance Tressler Don't you think that maybe this is a little too unstable? What if this was to be bombed, from the sky? We are millions of miles away from the sun and we get sunburns.. having an object 7 times as hot as that, on the face of our planet?? This could mean solar scale destruction.Çevirisine Bak
Nathaniel Groendyk How did they overcome the containment problem? We have seen tokamaks before but the biggest issue has been encasing that lovely fusion reaction in some kind of Bubble... magnetic, electromagnetic...but the problem has always been that the outward press...Daha Fazlasını GörÇevirisine Bak
Nathan Duerre This is old tech the Livermore Lawrence lab. In California development this over 25 years ago and built a working plant in new Mexico, under grants from the US department of Energy. Thus they (US government.) Holds the patent rights as so prevents commercial use, or profiting without permission or licensing. At least here in the US.Çevirisine Bak
Chandu Iyer My Question is if that reactor is trying to generate much more heat than sun than which metal can hold that much heat? i dnt think any metal has even close melting point compared to the degree u mentioned?Çevirisine Bak
Seray Öngel Saygıdeğer Hashem Al .-Ghaili bu devasa bilgi boyutundaki gösterim. Beynimdeki düşünce gücünü sınıyor.. neredeyse bilinmezliğin keşfi gibi.. bunu uzaydaki iki zıt elementin çarpışması gibi mi düşünmeliyim..helyum ile neotronun birbirine çarpmasının etkisi neye göre olacaktır.. ayrıca merak ettiğim..yeryüzündeki reaktör birim olarak.güneşteki radyasyola eşdeğer mi.. ve dünyadan uzaya geçişin bu kadar az bir zaman içerisinde gitmesinin.ışık hızıyla ilgisi varmı.. çünkü her şey okadar çabuk gelişiyorki..bunu düşünmek bile beynin üst sınırlarını zorluyor.. bilim alanlarıdaki araştırmalarda sanırım ilerleyen teknolojiden komut alıyoruz. .işin en zor kısmı.teknolojinin ta kendisi..bilgisayarlar..robotlar.. iletişim ağı.. ve gitgide..insanoğlunun.araştırma isteği.. sizler de bu önemli yolda ilerliyorsunuz.. ve doğru bilgilerle aydınlatıyorsunuz. Ben bu anlamda çok teşekkürlerimi sunuyorum saygılarımla..
Matthew Valencia Is it radioactive? Can it cause a catastrophe? If so, in what level and how big or how worse can it get? Does the containment machine vulnerable to natural disasters? What would happen if something malfunctioned?

Those are some of my questions inside of my head.
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David Williams my question is.... how do they contain such heat with comman alloys ?? what is the housing made of ... if the fusion reactor is able to heat up to such great temperatures what's to stop it from breaching through the hull of its containment...?when everything has a melting point? whats the housing made of.....?Çevirisine Bak
Joey Anderson Daniel Char this thing is going to blow; and the next stage of human life will come. On this side of the pond we'll have mutants like the x men. And on Elon musks' side they'll have ex machina style androids.Çevirisine Bak
Kathleen McArthur Producing all this and jobs and clean energy!!! Well we in the US will still be having oil spils, destroying the land..coal burning..ect ect..can not let the greed help the earth!Çevirisine Bak
Mariana Garban Is it safe enough on long run ? Protected against earthquake or outside attacks ? Science and life have to evolve but allways will exist babuins trying to destroy.... and also ppl like me that are affraid....Çevirisine Bak
Joey Carroll Don't need it or any source of centralized energy when there are devices in existence today that can produce "free" energy but can't get out due to suppression & even death. Check out Foster Gambles site Thrive.Çevirisine Bak
Angel De Jesús Méndez Ramírez The sad thing is that even when the human raze founds a clean and unlimited source of energy it will only be available for a little price 😉Çevirisine Bak
Jenny Miller The whole world is in a forward thrust, going nuclear, world governments no longer putting on the breaks, all strutting their stuff, and bluffs and it't a new age, new Politics...Çevirisine Bak
Fercho Espitia The day you can produce energy from stellar space and travel at the speed of light, that day we can start thinking, or create stellar starships to travel to the stars.Çevirisine Bak
Aurel Carina I call BS on this one!!, 1M deg C!?!?, what's the contaninmant unit made of? and where do we get all the energy to generate that temp. oh and let alone defy laws of thermodynamics!Çevirisine Bak
Jon Waters Always said we'd be better off sodding off wind, wave, etc and power building new coal power stations (way cheaper and use a 10th of the coal of the old 1s). Then using the money saved to speed up the fusion researchÇevirisine Bak
Manav Bhasin One more equipment to play with environment. After few years, scientists wud come to know that this was emitting blah blah gas and it is increasing global warming with 5 times faster speed that CFC.Çevirisine Bak
Angel Morales What if there is breach by say an earthquake or human error, how catastrophic would this become and are there safeguards preventing such an occurrence? No sarcasm, seriously curious.Çevirisine Bak
Roger Gorringe Don't worry, one day not to far off they are going to stuff up and a bunch of little green men will be flying along and see a heap of rock and say I wounder what caused that planet to blow up.Çevirisine Bak
Stephen Waltasti It only works if they can maintain the plasma arc on a continuous basis. This has Ben tried for years. The main problem is maintaining the temperature and continuous rotation for an extended period of time.Çevirisine Bak
Wesley Mahan The fossil fuel industry in the USA would never allow things to get this far. They will buy off and bribe and lick the butts of GOP politicians to eliminate competition.Çevirisine Bak
Rajan Subhedar No innovation could be suppressed for long... Eventually it'll have the takers...N become a norm...
IBM could have suppressed the development of desktops... American automobile giants could have suppressed smaller cars...
Çevirisine Bak
Cynthia Chalimi Not all countries entitle to build such powerful energy. First safety reason if natural disaster strikes, second some country might use for all wrong reasons. Mainly as weaponÇevirisine Bak
Ziad Haddad Does anyone know a good source to read more about radioactivity, fission and fusion, and why a nuclear fallout can't occur in the case of of the first nuclear reaction? Thank you.Çevirisine Bak
Paulray Keahey Now here's a word from the environmentalist.:
"Giving society cheap, abundant energy… would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun.
-- Paul Ehrlich"
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Kenneth James Tokamaks are cool.
Don't know if they'll ever generate significant enough amounts of energy to be viable, but they're cool.
Çevirisine Bak
José A Ramos Moya It is supposed to be the end of nuclear power plants and the beginning of clean and limitless clean energy! No pollution at least. The future is coming and some hope for the planet as well. I love these news.Çevirisine Bak
Denis La Force Always look at the dark side. It seems that human nature leans toward the concept of guilty until proven innocent,first. The sun is a hydrogen bomb, of sorts. I am surprised that there have not been "Ban the Sun" demonstrations.Çevirisine Bak
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